No more blocks :(

It’s two weeks into the new year and I haven’t made anymore blocks for my sampler quilt.  The weekends have been slam packed with other stuff and I haven’t sit foot in my quilt room.  Shame on me!!  This week I’ll try to do better.

Last weekend we hauled in firewood and put away the last of the venison and pork.  This weekend we worked around the house, cleaned the hen house nests, and today spent most of the day working cattle.  We had twelve 3-4 month old calves to vaccinate, worm, band and eartag and 15 cows to worm and eartag.  Our daughter helped with was a blessing and we finished in about two hours.

There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done!!  No pictures today!  Cattle don’t fare well in a head chute and having their pictures made.  Anyway, on with the new week and hopefully the sampler blocks will be made.  I’m only about 30 blocks behind!!  🙂


2 thoughts on “No more blocks :(

  1. Jane Fritz

    Rita, I saw a promotion from the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine FB page talking about their Project 48. The idea is that everyone chooses a quilting project (of course they want it to be from one of their magazine issues) and then work on it 1 hour per week for 48 weeks. They are going to blog about their own progress. I was intrigued by the notion of only spending one hour per week on a project, especially when you get on a roll. But the idea of doing a project slowly, and sharing progress updates, is something I hadn’t thought of before. I bet if you been planning on one hour per week from the start you’d be ahead of yourself!



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