New girl on premises

She’s five years old and a beauty.  My hubby just brought  home a new coon hunting dog and her name is Roxy.

She’s a beautiful dog and very vocal when we’re near.  She sounds like she’s really talking.  Hubby did a trial hunt with her before bringing her home and planned to take her hunting last night but the weather didn’t cooperate.  We have one other redbone but he (Dan) hasn’t been hunted at all.  We have one other tried and true coon dog and she’s a Walker (Brandy).  Brandy was trained as a bear dog but had a stroke a few years ago while with her previous owner. She’s somewhere around 10 years old and the stroke has definitely slowed her down but she’s quite a  beautiful dog.   Hubby has hunted her several times and wanted to get a new dog started and hunting with Brandy before she’s too old to hunt or has another stroke.  He plans to hunt Roxy here on the farm a few times before running the two dogs together.

Roxy - Pretty girl.

Roxy – Pretty girl.

Roxy checking out one of our cats on the haybales.

Roxy checking out one of our cats on the haybales.

Lady Brandy - Walker hound

Lady Brandy – Walker hound


My daughter would say we are dog poor but when you love to hunt, you have dogs.  My son-in-law doesn’t much care for keeping dogs unless you can let them run free.  It’s important to keep hunting dogs chained/pinned to keep them from being taken or learning bad habits.  We love our dogs and take good care of them.  Our granddaughter even loves coon hunting and wants a dog of her own but her folks tell her she’ll just have be part owner of PaPa’s dogs.  We welcome our new lady, Roxy and hope she proves to be the dog hubby has been looking for quite some time.

1 thought on “New girl on premises

  1. Jane Fritz

    I like your inclusion of your daughter and son-in-law’s perspective on hunting dogs. Seems as though that particular passion has skipped a generation! Love your blogs, Rita!



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