New fencing in2013

A new year of fencing has begun.  Hubby pulled out the old fence over a month ago and then the weather got bad and then hunting season got in full swing.  This area of fencing is at the bull lot and had originally been made of chestnut railing.  Over fifty years ago it was used a lot and was a very useful tool for short spances of fencing.  Weather and bulls being bulls had worn it down and it’s just one more area completed.  The bulls seem to know that they won’t be pushing this fence around.    Boards were essential at both ends of this stretch due to the bracing of the heavy gate and at the other end was a short wet area where the mountain spring fed the pond.  We thought sitting the end post with quickrete would fix the problem but it was never dry enough to set up so good oak boards stretched across  a couple lenths worked fine and made for a sturdy fence. Four strands of  high tinsel electric wiring is between the boarded sections.














This will be just a small section of the fencing to be done this year but it’s a good start.  Dad and daughter did a fine days work and enjoyed each others company while I was at work.

2 thoughts on “New fencing in2013

  1. Jane Fritz

    Your pictures are showing up for some reason, but I’m impressed that you can fence this time of year. We are under about 2 feet of snow, with temps around 0 deg F, so no fencing for months!



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