Four more blocks. . .

This has been another successful quilting day for me.  First I corrected the mistake in block six from yesterday.  Then I spent two hours cutting the pieces to make the two different blocks  that follow.  There are four different blocks but two versions of  each pattern; subtle, yet vibrant differences when you look carefully.

Block  # 7

Block # 7

This is block 7  of the Sampler Quilt I started yesterday.  It’s a simple block but look at the difference changing the colors can make in Block 8.

Block # 8

Block # 8

Block # 9

Block # 9

Block #10

Block #10

You can see the same difference in placement colors for Block 9 and 10.

I plan to do this throughout the quilt, that is, two color placements of the same block.  It will give me practice for all the blocks that will wind up in the quilt.  I’m really pumped to complete the entire king size quilt.

This is the correct Block six that caught my eye yesterday and it only took about ten minutes to pull out the seams, turn the blocks and put it back together.

Corrected Block #6

Corrected Block #6

I may not be as productive tomorrow because I have 36 half pints of blackberry jelly to process, but more about that later!!

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