Daddy’s other little girl

As much as he loves his beautiful and precious daughter, my hubby loves his second child too!  She plump, frisky, hairy, lovable, and can get under his skin in a heartbeat.

BUT, when Daddy comes home from hunting, feeding the cattle, anything that she wasn’t involved in, this is what happens:


Daddy and Sassy after the hunt!!

Daddy and Sassy after the hunt!!

Sassy loves Daddy!!

Sassy loves Daddy!!


He made her a special bed and it sits in front of our bedroom window.  She patiently (most of the time) waits/sleeps until he comes home.  Once he comes in the door she waits for him to come sit beside her and tell her how much he missed her and rubs her ears.  She listen to all of he hunting tales patiently as long he rubs those ears.  She’s not quite the joy our beautiful daughter is but Sassy comes in a fast second!!  The best part, she was supposed to be my baby as a Christmas gift eight years ago but it’s pretty clear where her heart lies.  She is definitely one of the family!!

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