Hey yall, I’m back!!!

I never would have dreamed in a million years that I would miss blogging as much as I have!!!  My computer locked up around Thanksgiving and couldn’t afford to just go out and buy a new one!!  I’m too busy at work to take a few minutes to write a note and it probably wouldn’t set to well with the boss!! BUT, my dreamboat husband slipped around without my knowing and bought me a new Hewlett Packard Desktop and surprised me on Tuesday night with it sitting in our bedroom!  He had told me he would get me one for my Christmas but he knew how much I missed the OLD one and decided to move on with the project and get it for a birthday present and early Christmas present.  I have been since Tuesday learning how to use “THE NEW WINDOWS 7”!  Talk about a learning experience.  Anyway, I’m back and can’t write long as I have lots of housework to do, decorating to do, wreaths to make and crafts to start.  I’ll be back soon with new adventures!


7 responses to “Hey yall, I’m back!!!

  1. You’ve been missed. Glad you’re back among us and look forward to reading your blogs once again.


  2. Nice to have you back. Enjoy your new computer. What would we do without them?


  3. grannybond@comcast.net

    Good to have you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today was scrapbooking at the church and we all had a good time!


  4. Welcome back! I was just wondering how you were doing. Tell your husband he has made all of your followers happy too!


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