Hyder Baby Afghan

 Soft chenille yarn

Soft chenille yarn

We’ve had three babies born in the past year in my office.  Two girls and one boy and the first two received a baby quilt and I just finished the baby afghan for the last one born.  I thought I would share how I made the afghan.  I chose a chenille yarn by Bernat yarn in pastel colors,  size F crochet hook and four skeins of the yarn.  It’s a very simple pattern using a single crochet stitch throughout and I think the chenille yarn will make a really warm blanket for the baby.

1/4 complete

1/4 complete

I got it almost done and decided to check it for being squared and had to pull 1/2 of it out and start again.  It’s going to be such a warm blanket for the baby and just in time for cold weather.


Single Crochet - four skeins

Single Crochet – four skeins


Finally done - 32 x 45

Finally done – 32 x 45

The second time around went much quicker and I hope the baby enjoys it for a long time.  She’s four months old but I think it should still cover her on long winter nights.

7 thoughts on “Hyder Baby Afghan

    • It is and I start the chain on the long edge but didn’t count the chains, I just chained the length I wanted. I would recommend counting for accuracy and you won’t have to pull it all out like I did the first go round!! I love this yarn but it didn’t come in too many colors. I could probably find more colors in a yarn store but I got this at WalMart because it was quick and convenient.


    • I haven’t but I have used the yarn that is feathery and it’s hard to count your stitches but it’s gorgeous. We’ll have to crochet together. I went through a bunch of my patterns yesterday and am going to take them to GoodWill unless you or someone else wants them.
      I also found an old pattern I have for a long sweater coat. I made my mother-in-law and sister-in-law each one for Christmas one year and they turned out so pretty but never saw them wear it. I think I’ll make me one this winter.


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