Let’s walk through my kitchen before I make bread today!

I love my country kitchen & pantry and everyone thought I was crazy when I decided to paint the trim candy apple red.  I love it and can’t spend enough time in it.  You’ll notice there are NO kitchen wall cabinets but plenty of antique cupboards and shelving around the top of the walls in both the kitchen and pantry.  Let’s get going so I can start that bread, okay!

This looking from the kitchen into the living room. We have a very long kitchen. The floors were redone with laminate about five years ago.

I love the old porcelain sink and it overlooks the enclosed back porch through the original windows. I love the gingham curtains I made for the windows.

Now you can see some of the sink storage and the old portable dishwasher at the end of the sink serves as storage inside and makes a perfect microwave cart.

Hoosier for dish storage, making bread, cookbooks on top and beautiful shelving above that my husband made from lumber sawed on the farm.

Our kitchen is used for cooking and gathering with the family!!

Our kitchen table was made by my husband’s uncle, Holland Caldwell. It comfortably seats eight but ten can be squeezed in when needed.

Cupboard used for canned goods and other food. This cupboard matches the piesafe and both have tin-punched fronts. They’re beautiful and weren’t used until we moved into the house. They were hidden in the pantry.

This the entry to the pantry right off the kitchen. When we moved in the house 10+ years ago, every room was the color of pistachio pudding and though I’ve painted every room in the house I still find little spots of green I missed. It’s now white with red trim and red shelving.

I found it more space saving to hang most of the cookware on the walls and not stacked under or on shelves. I use all of the iron skillets and pots.

The other wall of cookware in our pantry.

My refrigerator is in the pantry too.

I have two dish cupboards running over with dishes in the pantry. The stops are used to store large post with lids that can’t be hung. Thank goodness there’s storage in the bottom of the stove for my baking pans.

This cutting board was hand made for me by my Dad’s best friend, Bobby Rose. It was made from some pieces of scraps of wood/lumber from our farm. I’m very proud of it and only use it for a show piece. I will hand it down to my granddaughter.

I started collecting rolling pins a few years back and love the way they “country” my kitchen!! They’re not just for show though. They’re used daily for biscuits, pie crust, crushing nuts and whatever else I need them for.

Well, enough of the kitchen/pantry tour.  Time to get some bread made and the house tidy.  Talk soon!!!

7 thoughts on “Let’s walk through my kitchen before I make bread today!

  1. Kathy Jones

    Hey girlfriend, your kitchen looks like mine only my trim is cobalt blue and have the blue willow curtains, come and see me sometime…



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