The year is almost three quarters gone and what did I do?

                                                                                                                                                                    January -Ice and snow

February-Making maple syrup

January-February – grafting fruit trees

February – March – Seedlings started

March – Baby calves arrive

March-April – Spring turkey hunting for two of my favorite people.

April – fire wood for winter 2012

April – New equipment for working the cattle

April – More new fencing

May – Gardening begins

May – Honeybees cleaning house and we prepare for fresh honey

May – Bee swarming begins

May – Fruit trees bloom and we worry about late frosts.

June 2012 – 1st ever “duratio” in our neck of the woods. Lots of cleanup and keeping hubby busy!

June – Duratio takes down lots of our fruit and nut crop and wreaks havoc on our fencing.

June – Hay time

June – Hay lot is full!

July – Spring cleaning almost done!

July – Harvesting & canning for winter in full swing!

July – A little crafting along the way makes life fun!

July – First barn quilt in Craig County on the barn!! More fun!

August-September – Mammoth pumpkin from the garden. He almost didn’t fit the wheel barrow!

July – August – Fresh vegies from the garden.

September – Potatoes harvested and in the cellar.

September – Plowing to sow the winter crops (turnips & parsnips).

September – Spaghetti sauce and barbecue sauce from the last of the tomatoes.

And, here it is the end of September.  Deer season and turkey season is soon to be here.  Baby calves are coming and yearlings are headed to the market.  Two nights of cold temps and frost in the mornings means firing up the wood stoves.  The cycle starts again.

12 thoughts on “The year is almost three quarters gone and what did I do?

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      It is hard to remember but I keep a journal and the blog helps. We were given a five year journal of my husband’s great, great uncle a few years back and since then I’ve tried to be a better journal keeper. He wrote down something simple each day and we have read that thing over and over and learn something new each time about life in the early 1800’s on the farm we live on now. It’s been fascinating and I hope in the future my granddaughter will enjoy reading about our lives and how things have changed.


  1. Liz


    It’s sure been a busy year for you! Meanwhile in the UK we’ve been cooped up unable to do anything for months because it’s been such rubbish weather.


  2. ceciliag

    What a fantastic post and an awesome idea. To see all you have accomplished on one page must be wonderful. I especially liked all your pots and pans on the wall.. what a collection.. have a lovely weekend! c


  3. Jane Fritz

    I just LOVE this way of remembering the year. I especially love the turkeys. We don’t get wild turkeys here. Very cool! Rita, you do such loving justice to life on a farm. Thank you.



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