I been sick!!

Wow, look how long it’s been since I did a post!!  I want to apologize for being absent!  I took a sinus infection on the 16th of September and was out of work for a whole week.  I’m still only running on 60% power and get tired easy.  I seem to take these things at least once a year and I’m so tired of it.  We can’t find one trigger that brings them on but I sure wish they would go away FOREVER!!   The pressure in my face this time was unreal and caused a headache that lasted for four days.  I would hold both of my hands on top of my head when I coughed to keep the top from blowing off.  The doctor put me on 1000 mgs of amoxicillin on Wednesday the 19th twice a day for ten days and I was using Maximum Strength Mucinex for the congestion but had a really bad reaction to it on Sunday evening.   I don’t think I’ll be taking it again.  Hot wet compresses on my face helped at times and the heating pad on top of my head helped the headache at times.  I used a half a bottle of saline solution up my nose.  Nothing seemed to help!  I am such a wimp when it comes to this stuff and I never seem to take a mild case!  I used two whole rolls of toilet paper and two large boxes of Puffs tissues the first two days of the mess.  I was scared to death it was going to cause what would be my SECOND case of vertigo and this was my reasoning for going to the doctor early!  VERTIGO IS A MEAN TRICK ON THE BODY AND SOUL!!!

Anyway, I’m back to work  and feeling better.  I can’t wait to go out on the farm to see the new babies.  I’m looking forward to bow season and I’m hoping to start a new quilt this weekend.  The chestnuts are falling, the English walnuts have all fell, the black walnuts are falling, the pears are falling and the apples are falling.


Baskets of chestnuts – think I’ll roast some this year before the deer get all of them!


Fresh apples breakfast, lunch and supper.


End of the tomato crop but great mater sandwiches!

Yesterday when I got home  the chickens had made a huge mess in the yard (because someone left the gate open) and I have a bunch of mulch to rake back around the roses and  flower gardens.  I think hubby was ready to butcher all of them!!!

Chickens and mulch don’t make for a pretty picture!!


Of course, it didn’t help that while he was working with a neighbor to cut corn that the cows decided to widen a missed hole in the fence and now the fall and winter herds are all together. Hopefully, we’ll get them all separated this weekend.   I REALLY  think it’s time for hubby to take a weeks vacation with friends away from the farm!!  He doesn’t do well when I get sick and everything aggravates him ten times worse.

Everyone stay well and I’m back with more stories and pictures!!

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