Pride in your work

What ever happened to taking pride in doing something and doing it right?   Has the almighty dollar  turned all contractors into crooks?  Does quality and workmanship count anymore?  I previously posted about the problems our daughter has had with EVERYONE that has done work on her house.  Everyone wants to do their work the fastest way possible for the most money regardless of how the job was done.  My point??

Two years ago we put a new metal roof on our house not because it leaked but because it was over 50 years old ahd had been painted so much that it flaked off badly and looked horrible.  BUT it didn’t leak!!!  Well, after one year the new roof has leaked really bad on the enclosed porch on the east side of the house.  Hubby figured it was useless to call the contractor that put the roof on and we’re not even sure he is still in business.  We had one contractor on the roof twice and today had another that found the problem on the main roof of the house.  The first one found several problems and fixed them but the worst leak that poured like a sieve was directly over the main breaker box in the house.  My husband had put caulk all over the addition and overhang to the addition but it didn’t stop the rain.  Today he ran into the friend of a friend that is a contractor and he was glad to come up and take a look.  Once he got here he went to the main roof that over top the addition roof.  He found the problem within minutes and has completed the task and now we wait!


You know, when you pay thousands of dollars for a job you expect it to be right!  You expect to get quality and pride in something well done!  OR at LEAST WE DO!!!  If it doesn’t happen this time around you’ll probably see another post about our roof.  If it’s fixed, you’ll see a thank you to those that did their job and did it well!!

4 thoughts on “Pride in your work

  1. Jane Fritz

    What a shame to have yet another experience of disappointment (the polite term) with construction people. This at a time when we keep being told there are so many hardworking people desperate for work, especially in the building trades. Having a leaking roof is bad enough, but when it wasn’t leaking before you entrusted people with your hard-earned money to make it better, that’s over-the-top unacceptable. What always frustrates “customers” so much is that there seems to be so little recourse. There’s clearly a market for a competent, trustworthy constractor in your area! My thoughts are with you.


  2. dayphoto

    You have a huge house! This why Terry wants to do ALL our repair and whatever work. This October we will be putting the east side of the house on…metal. Last year we did the west side, with help from our son-on-law and then the year before the attic area. One more year and we will have a new roof!

    Hope the rain stays away and the melt of the snow!



    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      It’s really not that big, just tall. It’s around 200 years old and one of the original homes on the farm. It’s been added to about four times, I guess as families grew. We added an addition on to it five years ago when my younger brother came to live with us. He’s mentally retarded and lived with Mom until she passed in November five years ago. The photos I have of it when built are awesome. I may post about that this winter.



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