Friday adventure with a hawk

Young hawk 092012

Friday afternoon I made a quick trip to town for dogfood and when I returned and was coming down my driveway I spotted something sitting in it.  At first I thought it was one of the wild rabbits that frequent there and the closer I got I realized it was a hawk.  Usually they’ll fly when you get close but this one did not.  It was beautiful, young and not afraid of my car at all.  This was very unusual and I stop right in front of it and got out to make sure it wasn’t injured.  When I went around the car, it flew up on a fence post beside the driveway and turned to watch me.  Still not afraid and me WITHOUT my camera.  I quickly got back in my car, went to the house and unloaded the feed and ran in the house and got my camera.  The whole time I was thinking that he won’t be there when I return.  Lo and behold, when I got back to the post he was still there.  I turned my vehicle around and got out of the car with my camera ready for some awesome pictures.  He let me take a couple and then all at once he bobbed his head toward me and flew down on my right shoulder.  I ducked down and he flew back on the post.    I didn’t know whether he wanted but I didn’t think he needed to be on my shoulder.  I took a couple more pictures and he started bobbing again and I decided it was time to get back in the car and leave him alone.  I’m pretty sure he was a very young hawk and may have just fledged from a nest in that maple tree.  I do know he was beautiful and very curious.  Here’s a couple more pictures I got before I left him to hunt.

Four feet away from a bird of prey

Beauty of Nature 2012



This other beauty was injured by flying into an electrical wire while diving for fish in our pond this spring.  His injuries took his life sometime during the night of the accident.  We call them fish hawks.


Fish hawk early summer 2012


This was a very big bird and had a three to four foot wing span.


4 thoughts on “Friday adventure with a hawk

  1. Shawn

    I can’t imagine the squeak you made when it landed on your shoulder. That’s awesome. This is their migration period. Keep an eye on the sky and you might see a few eagles come through as well.



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