Walk around the farm

Let’s go for a walk on the farm and let’s do it quietly!!  You never know what you might see!!

View of the Mansion from the front porch

From behind the house

Overlooking the hayfields to the west

East view

Back pasture

West toward family cemetery

The mountain

Behind the orchard

The orchard

The flat woods

Our daughters house

More pasture land


5 responses to “Walk around the farm

  1. I love your place! Your countryside is so different from the Pacific Northwest, I loved the photo tour of your farm. So picturesque and just what a farm should like look like 🙂


  2. You have what hubby and I would love to have someday 🙂 I keep hoping as it reminds me of childhood 🙂


  3. grannybond@comcast.net

    I enjoyed the walk!


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