Hummingbird summer

Hummingbirds 2012

I was so happy to see these little charmers come to the farm in April.  I always put out the feeders by April 15th and this year they were right on time.  We started with two and then a third arrived.  I made sure there were flowers blooming all spring and through the summer for variety and by the first week of August we had over thirty drinking the nectar we provided for them.  We had five feeders going most of the summer and through July and August the feeders had to be filled daily.  They are big drinkers and feisty when it comes to “THEIR”  feeder.  I was never able to identify more than four males at a time and the females were more territorial than the males.  We noticed this weekend that the flock was dwindling down and we now only have about twelve to fifteen  and I’ve taken down one of the feeders.  I’ll slowly wean them from the feeders as the month goes out and by September 15th through the 25th they should all have started their migration south.  Just another hint of the end of summer!!

Hummingbird on the east side of porch

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