What with the weather the fruit crops won’t be much this year and hubby is so afraid the garden is going to be a flop because now that everything is ready to harvest the rain won’t quit in our neck of the woods.  BUT, the honeybees have been on a roll this spring and summer and we are reaping grand rewards.  Hubby has pulled off 50+ pounds of honey so far and has another 25 – 30 pounds yet to take from the hives.    We pack quart and pint jars with the honey and add lids.  Some of the honey is strained and some is with comb.  The quart jars with comb are the most popular with our customers and the pint jars of strained go quickly too.  We sell the quart with comb for $8.00 and the quart strained for $12.00.  The pints with comb are $6.00 and the pint strained is $8.50.  If you would like to buy some just contact us via this blog or email at ritabcaldwell@gmail.com .  Here’s some pics of our product.

Cutting the honey from the frames

Quart jars of delicious Virginia honey

My favorite beekeeper!!

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