The pictures tell the whole story!!

Bee house with eight hives

Honeybees cleaning house and making honey

Bees swarm in the spring

Capturing the swarm for a new hive

Another swarm in the top of an apple tree close to the bee house

Taking off the full super

New supers to replace the old

honey comb section ready to cut out and put in jars

Beautiful golden honey-great for allergies.

Ready for the buyers

I’ve always heard that eating a teaspoon of honey was good for slowing down or preventing allergy symptoms.  I started eating it on a daily basis three years ago because I was always really sick every spring with sinus and allergy symptoms.  I’m moving into my second year without being sick and I can’t swear the honey made a difference but nothing else changed in my lifestyle.  What do you think???

2 thoughts on “BEEKEEPING

  1. Jane Fritz

    What wonderful pictures of swarms. I’ve never seen that. We ( my husband, to be precise) kept bees when we farmed, but our hives rarely could survive the winter, so most beekeepers in our region would acquire new hives from a shipment that came up from the southern states each spring. I wonder what happened when the truck stopped at customs! I think the honey is helping your allergies. It might be made from nectar of plants that have been causing your difficulties. It’s good news for you, regardless.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I know my springs are a whole lot more pleasant. The only BIG problem we have to be concerned with is that my husband is very allergic and swells really bad when stung from any bees and it usually lasts for 7- 10 days. He’s very careful though and our son has taken an interest in them also.



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