Keeping up and gettin’ ur dun!!!

I started my spring cleaning in mid-May and I’m almost done.  I did the pantry first and did it in 1 1/2 days.Ceiling to floor clean up!! It’s looks so good!!

Next stop the bathroom.  We only have one and it’s quite small but it fulfills our needs.  It took another day and a half to clean floor to ceiling but I got it done the day before the vacation started.  We had planned so many things inside and out of the house to do that I knew I’d need to start early.  Here’s my mini-bath.

Now we move on to the side porch.  This also is a small area but it took three days because the new windows needed painting.  Two walls needed painting and then the day after the paint was dry we had a rain that lasted several hours with high winds and downpours and our NEW roof sprung a leak.    GUESS WHAT!  Another day of  re-painting to cover the leak stains but I got it done and it looks really nice.

After a completely new renovation last fall and new windows and tile, I think it looks pretty darned good!

Now, it only took one day to do a ceiling to floor cleaning of little brothers’ room but it got new curtains which I made a couple months before.  He was pretty pleased when he came home.  He spent a week with another brother during my spring cleaning spree!

Little brother’s room

The next room downstairs was our Master Bedroom.  One day did it because I sleep in this room every night and I want a clean room when I’m sleeping.  I keep it in pretty good shape all the time but I did put up freshly made curtains and rearranged everything in the room.  I also moved my computer in this room for convenience as opposed to upstairs.

Master Bedroom

West Wall of Bedroom

It’s clean!!






Once this was completed I headed upstairs to clean it.  I’m saving the living room and kitchen for last.

Vacation was over so now I work on the weekends to finish the “spring cleaning” that has turned into the “summer cleaning”.


I have a goal though and it MUST be completed by August 1st.  The following are what is completed upstairs in order they were done.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  The last three years I’ve either completed the downstairs or the upstairs but this year I’m determined to get it all done!  The five rooms upstairs took about two days each and thank goodness it wasn’t too hot.  We don’t use air conditioning unless it gets in the upper nineties and then only downstairs.

Upstairs foyer and attic stair case clean!!

Guest bedroom finished!!

Quilt/craft room done!

This is my favorite room in the whole house!!

I don’t have pics of the linen storage room or the dressing room off the guest room but they’re done and this weekend I finished the living room.    The living room is clean and less cluttered.  Should make for easier upkeep from now on.

Now for the kitchen!  It’s such a big undertaking that I’ll wait and do a post on it all by itself.  I have one week to finish it and it’ll take every minute of my free time since it’s also garden harvest time.  This will be a big challenge  because of all the wall decor and my collection of antique  kitchenware which will be taken down, scrubbed and put back when my buddy from Maryland gets here on the 8th to help me re-decorate.  We always have so much fun creating a new atmosphere with “old things”!!  So until my kitchen post I’ll just enjoy the accomplishments of the spring and summer.

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