Wild asparagus and not so wild!

We love asparagus and especially so in early spring.  We know that warmer weather is soon to stay when we start seeing asparagus popping through the ground.  Another sign is when we see people driving by our property really slow and jump out of their vehicles and scour the ground.  You see we not only have it growing thick around our gardens and haylot but it’s also growing wild along the roadway beside our fence lines.  We’ve surmised that birds eat the berries in the fall and then while sitting on the fence post they leave their dropping and then we have more asparagus growing.  We have more than enough around our gardens and when we happen to get to the roadside patch before everyone else we have more to share with our family and friends.  I’ve attached a couple pictures of the asparagus after it’s finished it’s growing season and bearing seed for the birds.  Watch for it along your roads and around your fenced property.  I’ll bet you have some and didn’t realize it.

Look for this now along the roads and fences and memorize where it’s at. You’ll find a wonderful treat in the spring.


Florist use these in their live arrangements. They have a feathery feel.


It’s hard to believe that when it comes up in the spring it looks just like the beautiful fresh asparagus you buy in the produce department of your local grocery store.  Then at the end of the growing season we let it bush up, bear berries and feed the birds.

This year I also planted some seed in my greenhouse and I was very pleased when it came up and then survived.  We prepared a new bed for it near the garden but won’t be able to harvest it for three years.


In the meantime, we have plenty more in and around the garden and along our roadway.

Our favorite way to eat it is to steam it just enough to keep it crunchy.  You just can’t beat fresh asparagus in the spring along with a batch of fried morels, baked apples and homemade biscuits!!  YUM!!

6 thoughts on “Wild asparagus and not so wild!

      1. Jane Fritz

        Our backyard is in a flood plain and ends up under water for weeks at a time, so in this house we had to give up on a garden and enjoy the ducks and beavers when they swim around our back for a few weeks! But I agree. We used to eat it fresh every night for nearly 6 weeks each early summer.


  1. P. C. Zick

    That’s great you grew asparagus from seed. We moved to this home two years ago and this year we send away for plants. They are doing beautifully – they look just like your pictures. Some even have the stalks that look like we could eat them, but we are leaving them intact in hopes that maybe in their second year, we’ll have some to eat. Thanks for post!


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I’ve found that if the stalks are less than pencil size to snap it off and it’ll come back bigger next time/year. We just love it and wish it would last year round. I do believe that as long as you keep it broke off it will continue to grow each year for several months. The biggest challenge we seem to have is keeping the orchard grass out of it. I really believe mulching it in the spring helps. It will push up through the warm mulch and orchard grass doesn’t as much.



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