Miracle weed killer

I got so tired of weeding  in front of the front porch steps and the weeds are creeping though the stepping stones and around the entry flower pots.  Plus, I have an injured knee that is preventing me from being that mobile right now. The weeds in my flower gardens has gotten way out of hand because I’m stuck in the house trying to meet my goal of finishing my “spring cleaning” by August 1st.

I found a wonderful weed killer and it doesn’t have any “ugly” chemicals in it.  I promise and it works within 1-2 HOURS!!  I read somewhere last week of a quick trick and tried it this morning at the front porch steps and down the walkway (large stepping stones from the farm).  With in a  hour and a half the weeds were brown and wilted and now dead.  All I used was a spray bottle of straight white vinegar!! I sprayed the weeds pretty heavy and went back in the house to prepare to can some honey.  My hubby came in shortly and told me I had a surprise out front.  I followed him out on the front porch and was amazed as the results and was even more amazed at how quick it worked.  

Wait until the sun goes down this evening, my yard won’t be the same!!!!  I’m anxious to see if it just kills what’s above ground or if it it kills to the roots.

I’ll let you know soon!!




Update:  It worked great and didn’t kill anything it wasn’t supposed to kill.  It’s rained on it several times and doesn’t look like the weeds are coming back.  I did have one small patch of poison oak that I tried it on and it DID NOT WORK!

Now to the rest of my flower beds that need major attention.  Posts will follow the clean up.



3 thoughts on “Miracle weed killer

  1. Carol Trutt

    I’m going to try the white vinegar, I have plenty because I’m now throwing it in my dishwasher. Another great tip from the Country Girl.


  2. Heather

    Don’t get carried away! Has your memory totally left you about what happened the last time you used weed killer???????



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