The three bears

We only have four cherry trees on the farm at present.  Three of the four produce pretty decent cherries usually in late May or early June depending on the weather.  My hubby really looks forward to them ripening and he loves cherry pies.  This year only two of the trees outwitted the late frost and produced for us.  Hubby kept checking them and was anxiously awaiting their ripening.  He wasn’t aware that someone else was watching and waiting right along with him.

Guess what??  The critters beat him to them and one of the trees got a very bad pruning.  The smaller of the two was robbed of their fruit by birds and raccoons.  The largest and sweetest cherry producer was invaded by three black bears. On one given day it was visited at the same time by three.  There were two that were probably three years old gageing by their size and then there was the “big boy”.  The last time I got to see them, the two smaller (125-150 pounds) were taking turns up and down the tree and having the times of their lives UNTIL the big guy showed up.  They were pretty quick to leave the area with him around.  The “big boy” stayed for a good while and that’s the last I saw them but hubby watched him tearing that tree to pieces, stripping it clean of all cherries for about two weeks.

After they were all gone and hubby was so disappointed, I went to WalMart and bought him some for the pies and the ice cream.  I froze the last basket to have for out next batch of homemade ice cream because they just won’t keep very well once we get them home.   We were happy to see the bears but not so much when they took all the cherries.  Maybe next spring will be a different story!!

5 thoughts on “The three bears

  1. Jane Fritz

    One adventure after another! I love how nature keeps reminding us that we are part of something bigger! Meanwhile, we all have Walmart as a back-up, for better or worse.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      ain’t that the truth!! I wish I could have got close enough to get a picture of them in the tree. We put out camera’s but our cattle found them interesting and the camera’s were on the ground the next morning. We did pictures of the calves sticking their noses up to the cameras. They top cats when it comes to curiosity.


      1. Jane Fritz

        I love it. We learned about how curious cows can be when some slow-moving porcupines waddled through the pasture and two of our cows bent in for a close look, much to their detriment – and ours, since we had to remove more than 100 quills from their faces. 😦



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