Farm Equipment

One of the biggest expenses we have on our farm is buying and the upkeep of the farm equipment.  At this point, we have all but one piece of equipment on the farm to take care of just about anything we have to do.  The last three years we’ve looked at a larger brush-hog to keep the pastures cleaned off and try to whip out the multi-flora roses and the autumn olive bushes as well as some other noxious bushes that seem to pop up overnight.   A lot of the equipment on the farm are duplicates of antique and semi-new and some may think why would you want two?  The biggest reason is like a lot of things that we all buy nowadays the old is actually better and easier to use than the new and the other reason is having that backup in the event of a breakdown.  We are very diligent about keeping everything in working order and trying to store each piece in a covered building out of the weather.  I’m attaching some of the pictures I have of our equipment to give you an idea of the uses and all of the working parts that must be attended to on a regular basis.


These are just a few of

the most used pieces of equipment on our farm.

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