Homemade Ice Cream

It has been so unbearably hot the last few weeks.  I’ve been shutting down the windows first thing in the morning and pulling the shades to keep the cool night air in and the hot out.  At sundown we open everything up again.  I’m doing very little cooking as well as hubby!  This kind of weather slows down the appetite which is a blessing for my belly and hips and we eat lots of salads.  And on that point, I have had a grand hankering for some homemade ice cream.  Peach preferably or cherry since I have both of those fresh from the market.  Anyway, hubby asked last evening when I was planning to make that ice cream and I told him as soon as he got the ice cream maker out of storage.  Within thirty minutes, we had everything out, cleaned up and ready to crank it up!!!  I was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve included my recipe below and the next batch will have the peaches or cherries in.  I said next because I wasn’t sure the recipe below was our favorite so we decided to go easy the first time around.  The recipe card has been starred with some extra notes for the best darned homemade ice cream in the whole world, even if we did make it!!  Here’s the recipe:

Mix together the following and pour it into the ice cream can for process and follow your

ice cream machine instructions from here:

2 quarts heavy cream

2 cups of sugar

1 tablespoon of vanilla

1/4 teaspoon of salt

Mix together until the sugar is dissolved & process.  If you are going to add fruit, puree it first and cut back on the cream & sugar a little or it will cause the can to run over!  This recipe made a full gallon for us and it’s divine!!

Did I say my belly and hips were being blessed by the heat??  NOT!!!!

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