Update on little bitties!

This is the summer of the broody hens!  Back in May I posted that I was awaiting the arrival of my first hatch and it turned out quite well.  My white hen hatched seven of eleven eggs and they were adorable. Which is more adorable, the chick or my granddaughter???  This little guy is now about 7″ tall and his mama left them on their own when they were four weeks old and went back to “sitting” again.

Mind you I’ve never had more than one broody hen in a given summer and this year I have four.  Right after the first hatch one of my Rhode Island Reds decided to have some chicks too with no success after two tries.  I’m thinking that the hens don’t care for John Henry very much or he has to many ladies to attend to.  Anyway, another white hen “set” at the same time with a dozen eggs under her and hatched nine two weeks ago and they’re just as adorable as the first clutch.  I got these eggs from a friend in Giles county and they Americauna (green egg layers).  They’re doing well and mother is very protective of them.  The third hen is due to hatch in one week and the first hen to hatch a few days after that. As my hubby would say “we’re going to chicken poor”.  The big challenges to raising these babies is predators and the heat but I think we’ll be okay this year.

3 thoughts on “Update on little bitties!

  1. Heather

    The chickies are definately the most adorable and they don’t talk back!!! The babies were making an escape this morning when Dad let the chickens out! They THINK they are ready for the real world.



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