Summer storm to remember

We had a major wind storm with some hail behind arrive at our home last night around 8:30.  We lost power for only four hours and most of the county is still without power.  I’m including some photos of the damage we found today.  We are safe but will be cleaning up the aftermath for several weeks.

God was watching over and kept us safe.  The trees, hay, buildings and fences can be repaired and as I said before that are others in the county a lot worse off than we are!

6 responses to “Summer storm to remember

  1. So glad you’re safe – those are huge trees, but now you have firewood for winter, right?


  2. Janet Childs ツ

    We too live in Virginia but further north. We had quite a bit of wind when the storm came thru here and not nearly enough rain. It looks you guys received the brunt of the storm. Glad to hear your safe. Enjoy the blog!


  3. We are fine and as always there’s always something to do on a farm :)!


  4. Oh my! Glad your family is safe.


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