Garden Harvest

I went to the garden yesterday morning and harvested this pan full of beautiful veggies.  I’m afraid we are going to have to start watering the garden this week from our pond.  The sun is bearing down and all of the garden is wilted by the end of the day.  We got a really late start planting this year because of the rain keeping the garden too wet to plow and then to plant.  Then the deer started eating the green beans again this year but we’re trying different things to deter them.  I save all of the thin bars of soap from the shower and hubby shaved them and scattered them through the beans.  That has stopped them for a few days but I read on another post that black trash bags tie to the fence was a good deterrent so I bout a cheap box and have the garden surrounded with them.  When the wind blows the bags blow up and out and I’m assuming that’s what scares them.  We will have a wonderful dinner from what I’ve already gathered along with some venison biscuits to top off the meal.  The following is the favorite at our house to prepare the squash:

Wash and slice one or two yellow squash or zucchini.  I slice them about a 1/4″ inch thick.  I dip them in a mixture of one egg, 1/2 c. milk,  salt & pepper, to taste. Then I dip them in seasoned flour until coated really well.  I then place them in a iron skillet that has one stick of butter that is melted and sizzling but not brown.  It takes about two minutes on one side, turn them over and fry the other side until golden brown.  Take out of skillet and place on paper towel and eat up.  They’re really crispy on the outside and sweet and firm on the inside.  Hubby even loves them cold!!

Enjoy your garden and share with family and friends!!

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