Update on cleaning recipes

I LOVE THE HOMEMADE CLEANING SUPPLIES!!!!! In the past month I’ve been trying some wonderful recipes I found on http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/02/how-to-clean-that-greasy-stove-hood.html website. I’ve made her Miracle Cleaner for the shower, laundry detergent, fabric softener, bodywash, stain remover, and dryer sheets. They are all wonderful and the money I’ve saved is unreal!!! I used to have to buy laundry detergent, fabric softener and body wash every two weeks even though there are only three of us in the household. I change the bedclothes on two beds every weekend. I wash all the scatter rugs in the house every weekend. Three people taking a shower at least once a day sometimes two and changing clothes each time causes the laundry to pile up. Plus, the fact that I’m spring cleaning which means curtains, throws, etc and it’s easy to see why I do so much laundry each week and use so much detergent. I haven’t bought any detergent, fabric softener or body wash since May 17th–yeehah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would advise everyone to go to Jillee’s site and try her homemade recipes. You’ll be absolutely amazed and save enough money to go out to dinner occasionally!!

4 thoughts on “Update on cleaning recipes

  1. I love that website too! I’ve shown one of my friends how to make the laundry soap. I wasn’t too thrilled with the fabric softener recipe, so if I use my dryer I just spray some fabric softener on a washcloth to use as a dryer sheet. Or you can just tear a regular dryer sheet in half which works just as well as a full sized one. I made a change to her wrinkle remover recipe: I leave out the vinegar, and use 1 part fabric softener to 3 parts water. It works better for me.



    • I never thought about tearing the dryer sheet in half. I do like the fabric softener but I think it really depends on what kind of hair conditioner you use in it. I like your wrinkle remover recipe though. I’d love to find a recipe for the Mr. Clean Eraser. I go through those things and love them.


      • Which hair conditioner do you use for it? So far I’ve just tried Suave. I love the Mr Clean erasers (walmart generic ones are ok), I wish they had been around when my kids were little.


        • Suave was what I used but I used two 12 oz ( I think) bottles. With coupons I got the 2nd bottle free. The thickness of the fabric softener was more like the concentrated Downy. I added about 10 drops of lavendar essential oil to the mix and they smell so good. I got my essential oils from Factory Direct crafts. They were about $2.00 a bottle and they’ll last forever. They have so many scents too!


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