Margaret’s coming, Margaret’s coming, Margaret’s coming!!!

I am so excited!!! My best friend in the whole wide world is coming to visit in August if all goes as planned. Meaning: Her mother is elderly and isn’t always in the best of health and this might prevent Margaret from coming to Virginia!!
Margaret and I met when my children were in their teens (20 years ago) and after one visit we have been steadfast friends ever since. Her husband Joe passed away a few years ago and up until then we got to see each other at least once a year if not twice. Since then it’s been a challenge to see each other every other year though we talk every day!
The last visit we shopped so much I put my back out carrying a heavy purse on the same shoulder every day but have remedied that problem since then. We both love antique stores, craft shops, GoodWill, quilt shops and unusual stores. The last time she was here we upholstered two chairs. We spent hours on the front porch in the evenings just catching up and laughing so hard we cried! We even laughed enough to make my husband laugh and enjoy our antics. We do have such a wonderful time together and have so many common interests. I can’t wait until she gets here and have so much to do before she gets here. June and July will hopefully fly by (oops, there I go again wishing my/our life away) and she will be sitting on the front porch eating homemade peach and blackberry ice cream together and reinforcing our smile wrinkles.

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