Homemade Queen is my Lifesaver


Vacation is over and I want to personally thank “Jillee” for making my life so much easier and thrifty!!!THANK YOU JILLEE!!

A few months back I started my blog and about the same time I started my own boards on Pinterest. I love this site and I’ll explain why in another post later. I found Jillee’s site on Pinterest and this lady is the Homemaker Queen in my book. She has posted some wonderful recipes for homemade laundry soap ( liquid and dry), bodywash, glass cleaner, Miracle cleaner, dishwasher detergent and much more.

I hate going to the grocery store because I usually come home mad due to the prices of cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. which leaves little room for buying actual food. Granted, we raise most of our food but there are some things that have become a habit or joy to bring home. Well, Jillee saved me so much money this past ten days that I feel like my checking account may not run dry anytime soon.

I made the bodywash first because my bottle of Dove had risen to $6.00+! It was very simple to make, with a coupon for the bar soap the total cost of the body wash was around 20 cents and it made three quarts. It cleans wonderfully and the only difference was it wasn’t as thick but I can remedy that by using less water next time.

Next I made the Miracle Cleaner for the shower and I was totally amazed and I did not have to fight the fumes and listen to hubby fuss about the smell. Then I made the liquid laundry detergent. The 125 oz Tide that I usually buy costs around $11.00. The cost of the ingredients for the homemade was calculated to cost about $1.19 for the same amount. I can scent it with essential oil drops for a few cents more and it smells like I want it to and BEST of all, my clothes are clean and fresh. My first batch made three gallons and my grocery list has shrunk considerably!!

GO JILLEE-I’m your life long friend from this day forward.

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