It’s Getting Out of Hand!!

I worked in my greenhouse last night for about two hours and my dilemma is way too many plants. At this point my green thumb has gone into overkill and I probably have over 1000 spouts/plants and no more room. I talked to hubby about the situation and we are going to put up some shelves on another side porch that gets the morning sun, is covered and is away from the north and northwest winds. I’m at the point where the little enclosed porch is so perfect for growing that the plants no longer need the covered shelving. I know this because I’ve found tiny toadstools growing in the plant trays with the plants and I’ve found little patches of mold. Last night I uncovered everything of the plastic and once the shelving is in place on the side porch this weekend I can move the larger tomatoes, pumpkins, squash and cucumbers to the outdoors and help them acclimate to the cooler temps without too much shock. Freeing up their space will allow me to transplant the smaller flowering plants to larger pots and watch them grow. Hopefully by that time, two weeks max, I should be able to bring them to the flower beds.
The shock of losing everything last year will soon be a memory and by the end of June I should have flowering masses.
My biggest worry at this point is the weather. This morning we awoke to heavy frost and at 6:00 a.m. it was 34*! I’ll have to really pay attention to the weather around 7:00 each evening to prevent losing everything I’ve worked so hard on. Updates later.

4 thoughts on “It’s Getting Out of Hand!!

  1. shirley Dixon

    It was frost in Union this morning too. Thank goodness my tomatoes and cukes were on the kitchen table. nanc is coming up this Sat. we are going to the cemetery and going to eat at Swinging Bridge Restaurant. Hope you have a great Mothers Day….


  2. Wendy

    sounds like you have quite the garden! I have a small garden this year. I turned a flower bed into a garden along with some containers of mint and tomatoes. My lettuce, spinach, multicolored carrots, and parsnips are starting to show 🙂



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