Spring gardening “inside”

I spent two hours in my green house yesterday after supper.  I left the grow lights on and by the time I got out of there I was a sweaty mess and went straight to the shower before Sassy (our baby) could even smell me.  I have planted seeds of the following and all are doing well:

cukes, peppers, cabbage, three tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, zinnia, lavender, cleome, celosia, cactus, sunflowers, asparagus (first time), hollyhock, hyacinth bean, pumpkin (3 types), dusty miller, catananche (blue), allysum, baby’s breath, statice, rose of sharon, a mango seed, coleus, marigolds, columbine, shasta daisy, black-eyed susan, squash, poppies and more but I can’t remember what they are now.
I was in the sun for only a half hour on Sunday after lunch and Monday I was a red blotchy itchy mess (sun sensitivity).  I forgot about sun screen and my fore arms and chins were uncovered and that’s where I could literally scratch with a scrub pad for relief.  The only thing that really helps is the ice cold washcloth.  I guess I’ll be gardening in the late evenings for the rest of the summer.
 I didn’t mention any herbs but the lavender because I’m saving them for the buckets on the side of the coal house (Pinterest idea).  I’m hoping to put them up this weekend and plants a few in each bucket and the rest will go along the yard fence.
 I planted some new iris and allium bulbs on the west side of the yard last fall  and the allium is in full bloom now and the outside east side of the yard is in full bloom with the money plant.  I throw the seeds from the money plant where I want them in the fall and don’t even bother to cover them and now the spot is almost full and they’re about the first thing to bloom after the tulips and daffodils. I’m going to put some daisies and cleome behind them because they reseed themselves too.  My columbine is about to bloom and the poppies are doing well this year too but not many of them.  I love the color of the money plant bloom and when they first come up they look very much
like a cucumber plant.  The bloom of the money plant won’t last long but the daisies and cleome will follow in intervals after their blooms fade.  I should have plenty to fill up the flower beds that I ruined last year with that weed and feed stuff!!  Happy gardening!!

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