Computer in the Country

I have been so aggravated with my internet connection at home lately.  It just gets worse and today I contacted our carrier from my office during a break.  He gave me five steps to take when I get home and three of the five I’ve done so many times it’s not funny.  The tech I talked with said he could see that my connection was slow (duh!) and thinks if I initiate the steps when I get home it will be better.  After an hour of going through all the steps it’s no better than it was.  Tony, the tech, was very patient with me and has entered a outside inspection of our phone box and connections and if they determine everything is okay then they’ll set up a inside inspection.  The situation is worse when you I have a really high speed connection at work and then come home and have to wait 20-30 minutes for a connection to my email or blog.  Computers are wonderful when they work but when they don’t it’s maddening.  I’ve vented now so it’s time to calm down and chill out so I don’t have bad dreams about it!!  What I really need is for the weather to warm and stay warm so I can work outside in the evenings and not have enough time to get on the computer.  There I go again wishing my life away!  Enough griping, I’ll close for the evening!

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