My little piece of heaven

I have a little piece of heaven and getaway right inside my home.  I call it my “Quilting Room” and it’s all mine.  It’s not a huge room but it’s perfect for some solitude to quilt, look through quilting books and magazines for the next project, embroidering blocks and more or to just sit and think.

Right now I have an old vanity with a missing mirror that I use for my sewing table.  It has three drawers on each side for storage and  a space underneath the middle for my knees and the foot pedal.  It just needs to be about two or three inches lower and about a two feet wider. I do try to make do with what I have to save money.

I have one of three sewing machines set up in my sewing room, an embroidery machine, a cutting table and all of my computer “stuff”. The rest of the room is lined with shelves which are loaded down with totes of fabric, quilting and sewing tools,  and all my sewing/quilting books & magazines. I did spare some space on one wall to use for my quilt design wall. I place my quilt blocks on it when I’m ready to put the blocks together.  I stapled a large piece of quilt batting to the wall and the blocks stick to it and don’t fall off.  You could also use the back of a vinyl tablecloth with cotton batting on it.  That’s what I used to use until I started making larger quilts.

I’m thinking about moving the computer to a new location in the house to free up more space to set up another sewing machine so I can work on two projects at one time.  Why do I have so many sewing machines??  I used to have only one and when it started having some problems and had to be in the shop, I was lost!  I caught a new Singer Simple on sale  and couldn’t resist the temptation and bought it.  My old machine is a Brother that my husband bought me for Christmas over twelve years ago and it’s only been in the shop three times.  It’s my old faithful.  The third machine is a Brother also, that a dear friend sold to me when she had to move and it sews great.

 The one I want to bring in to replace the computer is like the one I learned to sew on with my Grandmother.  It’s not Grannies but it’s very much like it and it’s a treadle machine.  I’ve been wanting to use it for years.  A treadle machine may just tell me how good my knees really are now at 58 years of age (me, not the machine, it’s older).  I don’t even know if it works but I’m willing to give it a good cleaning and try.  As you can tell, I love to sew, quilt, crochet, embroider (hand and machine), and most all crafting.  When the treadle machine moves in we’ll post again but until then, it’s time to find a new quilt pattern to start.  How about a red and white windmill? Or, a blue morning star?  Even better, I need a new purse!!!

Where’s your little piece of heaven?

Where do you go to relax and dream?

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