Busy weekend!!

Not only am I proud of the baby quilt I completed but I’m doubly proud of my husband and our fourteen year old granddaughter.  She has become PaPa’s hunting companion and this weekend was the first weekend of Spring Gobbler Season in our neck of the woods.  Victoria decided she wanted to sleep in on Saturday and PaPa went hunting without her.  He had wonderful luck bringing in a 19 pound gobbler with a 7″ beard and we’re going to have a mighty fine feast with it.  We called our daughter and Victoria shortly after he arrived home with the prize and within twenty minutes they arrived at our doorstep to see if Victoria would have the same luck.  They left the house at around 10:30 and were back by 11:10 with a turkey she could hardly carry from her stand.  PaPa said she was pretty excited from the time the turkeys crossed their path until she landed the big one. Apparently she was doing some pretty heavy breathing.  She filled her last permit tag for the season and fared really well during the fall deer season too!  PaPa is pretty proud of his new hunting companion!!

4 thoughts on “Busy weekend!!

  1. Christine

    Yes, it came really close to hitting us! This can’t be Victoria….what happened to that little 6 year old??????



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