Baby quilt No. 2

I would have never  thought in a million years that a tiny baby quilt would take so long to finish.  I’ve been working on this little treasure for two months, cut to finish!!  The problem wasn’t the pattern, it was just finding the time to work on it.  Spring is not the time to start a new project!!  There are just too many things to do outside like yard cleanup, flower bed cleanup, grafting trees, starting seeds and not to mention tearing down the cattle working-pen and rebuilding again.  Well,  most of it is completed now and today I finish the little 40 x 48 fussy cut quilt.  I think it turned out pretty well and I completed it before the baby is walking.  I’m pretty proud of it though it’s not my most difficult but it is my first tied quilt. The colors were decided after a talk with the babies dad and the colors of their three year old brother’s room.   The bold blues and orange were the colors of the room with ocean animals as their theme.  I thought the fish and sea turtles pulled together fine with the bright orange from some of the fish.  I think they’ll both love it.

4 thoughts on “Baby quilt No. 2

  1. genealyn

    Hei. I took a look at your blog after you commented on my comment to pre-writing and what happens when I lose my train of thought. You have done a good job here.



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