Mad? Your darned right!!!

Have you ever been so mad at yourself you could spit nails hard enough to build a fence??  Well, I might exaggerate a little but I was so mad at myself.

Ten years ago we moved onto the farm we live on now after my husband inherited it from his uncle.  The farm has been in the family at least five generations and our children will be the sixth.  It’s beautiful and has 500+ acres of farm and woodland.  We raise beef cattle, chickens, and pretty much all the food we eat.  It’s beautiful and and I wanted the yard around the house to look just as beautiful .  For eight years I added every perennial I could find along with the lilies, lilacs and roses already here.  It was becoming my masterpiece and I couldn’t take enough pictures for my garden album.  I had several colors of columbine, hostas, lupine, shasta daisies, roses, bellflowers, cleome, hibiscus, peonies and much, much more and I’m not exaggerating about how beautiful it was.  Last spring I was having a problem with dandelions and had a few patches where the grass wasn’t surviving over the winter so I went shopping at my favorite big garden shop and checked out what they had.  I won’t name the product I bought but it killed weeds and fed the lawn (wink).  I bought two big bottles of it and all you had to do was sprinkle it on the part that needing weeding and the part that need feeding and I went at it.  It worked wonders on the dandelions and broadleaf weeds.  The grass was beautiful!!  Oh, did I mention, I decided it had to be wonderful flowers since they weren’t WEEDS???  I was devastated because within two days all of my flowers  except the old-fashioned roses and the lilac were dead.  No, I didn’t get a new fence from the nails I was spitting and yes, I’ve started all over with the help of some very special friends that saw the results of my stupidity.  REMEMBER, most flowers are considered broadleaf and that weeding/feeding stuff in a bottle will kill them dead!!  Happy gardening!!

Here a picture of my sad flowers!!  Hopefully I’ll have much prettier flower gardens to show off by mid summer!

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