Stressed or just totally losing it!!

Did you ever wonder if you were totally losing your mind?  This has been a fairly stressful week for me.  Monday starts with hitting a deer on my way to work and tearing up my little silver car.  Tuesday finds me over-sleeping because my NEW clock has two alarms on it and I set the wrong one.  Wednesday is grand and hubby takes me out to eat that night.  Thursday my second car starts making a noise that is bad on the way to work but horrible on my way home.  I stop at the grocery store on the way home for a few things and I’m thinking about baby brothers birthday, the wrecked car, the wonderful night out the night before and I walk back to where I thought I parked my car when I got to the store and can’t find it.  I think to myself, “Okay, you’re in the wrong row and I walk up the next row, no car. ”  I go back to the row I thought I was initially in and start to panic.  I’m thinking, I have to go back in the store and let someone know that my car has been stolen and as I start back down the row I see my Blazer and then it dawns on me,  YOU idiot, the car is at home wrecked and you drove the Blazer.  I am so relieved!!!  First, I found the lost car!  Second, I  didn’t call the police and make a spectacle of myself!!  Third, you didn’t make a fool of yourself in front of anyone in the store or the parking lot!!!  Fourth, NO ONE around you at the moment knows your losing your mind!!!!  So, I unload my groceries, put the grocery cart back in the rack, get in my BLAZER and take a deep breath.  Then I remembered my daughter is having a rough week at work so I called her to maybe make her smile.   SMILE, she laughed hysterically and we both enjoyed my senior moment.   I asked  her to give me another chance and not make reservations for me in the “psyche-center” yet and  to at least  wait and give me another chance for a night’s rest and hopefully sanity will return!!

REMEMBER:  We all have those days occasionally!     Right??       Hello, is anyone out there?          

5 thoughts on “Stressed or just totally losing it!!

  1. katharinetrauger

    Hello! Just found you after your comment at WP.
    After reading around a tiny bit, I decided to comment here, just to get to know each other a bit.
    And I have to say, your story is NOTHING compared to my husband’s — He recently bought new wiper blades for his car and installed them on the car in the parking lot, NEXT TO his car.
    He sure was looking around, guiltily, while he then removed them, reinstalled that poor owner’s old blades, then installed them on his car. You know those Wal-Mart parking lots have cameras watching all the time!!!!
    It’s been over a month and we haven’t been arrested yet . . .
    Anyway, don’t feel so bad, okay? Okay! 😉


  2. Ellen G.

    Rita, that is hilarious! I did a similar thing a few years ago but possibly more embarrassing because I was with friends who bore witness to my freak-out and enjoying the show I put on, waited quite a while before reminding me that I DIDN’T DRIVE THERE! It happens to the best of us. Or so I tell myself.


  3. Carol Trutt

    Gosh I’ve been having those moments even before I was a senior. Can’t wait to see what I’m looking forward to.


  4. Heather Johnston

    How many second chances do you want crazy woman!!! People are going to think I’m losing it because ever since your call I sit at my desk and begin to laugh hysterically all over again! I think this will have to go on record to be told at your funeral service in 50 years!!!! Gotta love my momma!!!!



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