Granny Has a Fight with Deer

I own this wonderful little silver/gray 1991 Dodge Spirit, that’s wonderful on gas.  It has less than 100,000 miles on her and has been wonderful to drive in all weather.  BUT, this morning Granny met her match on Little Mountain Road about two miles from where she lives with the Caldwell family.  She got her name from my adorable granddaughter about four years ago.  She (Victoria) didn’t much care about being seen riding in that “old granny car” UNTIL she learned how to drive it on our 1/4 mile driveway.  From that point on “Granny”  was the only car she ever wanted and had made grand plans I’m sure for the future driver’s permit awaiting her and the ownership of “Granny”.  She occasionally would help me clean her up but mostly she just wanted to drive her from the big barn at the house to the end of the driveway to the other big barn.  Victoria learned fast and drove quite reasonable.  Of course, I was with her and knew if she didn’t she wouldn’t drive anymore.  That’s Nana’s perrogative!!

But, back to this morning when I left home at 6:55 and headed to Blacksburg for work.  I was driving along watching the road as I always do because Little Mountain Road is a gathering place for deer.  Now, I wasn’t distracted by jamming on the radio because “Granny’s” radio died back in the fall and I pretty much just listen to my thoughts.  Well this morning I don’t know what I was thinking about when that deer fell straight out of the sky in front of  “Granny”.  She and I had no time to hit the brakes, scream or even blink and we were hit and hit hard!!  The deer went in the ditch and died almost instantly!  How do I know this–me and “Granny” stopped and took a deep breath.  I knew she (the car) was hurt but didn’t know how bad but I didn’t want to take any chances on driving her to work.  Smart thinking on my part because after we turned around in a neighbors driveway and limped back home to trade out vehicles, I could tell she wasn’t right!  We made it home and when I got home I was horrified at just how bad the damage was.  “Granny” was a wreck!!!  As you can see from the photo, the mean old insurance adjuster will probably declare her totaled and non-road worthy!!  However, I see a very, very dim light at the end of the tunnel and there’s a very small chance that between the junk yards and my hubbie’s mechanical expertise that maybe, just maybe, we will be back on the road again in the near future.   She’ll need a new grill, radiator, lights, hood and front fenders that I know of.  I’ll have hope until she’s loaded up and hauled away.  Until then, I’ll drive my Blazer, rightfully named “Blue Breeze” and try to keep her out of the line of deer and any other critters.

For all of you that travel on our Craig County roads be on the lookout for those mysterious flying deer and always be waiting for the one lurking in the bushes on the side of the road.

4 thoughts on “Granny Has a Fight with Deer

  1. Heather Johnston

    “Just listening to your thoughts” is what got you into this mess!!!! And Victoria has decided that “Granny” would be a terrific farm four wheeler!!! Monster tires and a grill guard is what she’s thinking!



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