The Essense of Green & Spring

Riding in to work this morning I was amazed at the many, many colors of spring.  The different colors of green alone is what inspired this post.  Remember those icky greenish brown cedar trees that were everywhere at Christmas and a pretty green was not to be found!!  This morning the cedar trees are a Phthalo green.  Trees just beginning to sprout out are a celery green.  The grassy fields and yards are a brilliant green.  The stems and leaves of daffodils and Easter lilies are a dark spring green.  The leaves popping out on weeping cherry trees are pistachio green.  The trees with white bloom are now polka-dotted with jade green in the small leaves peeping through the bloom.   This is just a few of the greens that emblazoned my eyes but the real spring colors are the lemon yellow of the daffodils, the blushing pink of the weeping cherry, the blazing gold of the forsythia and best of all the pink and azure blue sky with the sun making it so vivid.  The white in tulips and daffodils is a brilliant white.  All we need to make it perfect is a rainbow.  Spring is definitely a artist’s palette.    Enjoy the spring and take a walk in the woods or ride on a country road. Sit on the porch just before sunset and maybe if you’re lucky and it’s warm you’ll also hear the pee-toots announcing spring, as well.  Listen to the Canadian geese and their spring mating calls or the turkeys gobbling on the mountainside.  Or even better, just listen to the quiet and revel in it!!


1 thought on “The Essense of Green & Spring

  1. Peggy Myers Cook

    If everyone could take the time to enjoy what God has created for us to see as you take the time to capture them with your pictures,keep up the good work.The baby calf is so cute.



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