New Kitchen


Imagine if you will a country kitchen in an old ancestral farm house.  You’ve worked for five years after moving into it making it look and feel like your kitchen.  Everything is decorated in red and white and you have cleaned and waxed the old handmade cupboards and pie safes handed down from one generation to another.  You’ve left everything  the same but for new appliances, paint and laminate floors.  It’s perfect!!  You have your wonderful hubby put up some shelves close to the ceiling for your antique kitchen “what-nots”, cookbooks, decorative farm animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, apples, etc. and EVERYTHING is perfect.  If you had your way you would spend a whole lot more time in it cooking and baking.

Then it happens!!  Your husband goes on that fourth or fifth elk hunt and bags “the big one”.  He kills a 6×6 bull elk that weighs over 1200 pounds and you have 300+ pounds of fresh meat in the freezer.  We are happy, right?? In the beginning he has no intentions of mounting it BUT he’s so proud and no one he knows has one like it.  He has it mounted and he can’t wait for it to come home and see how it looks on the wall.  One year later the elk mount is complete!  It would look great in the living room (8′ ceilings) with the rest of his trophies.  We drive to pick it up and this thing is as big as the kitchen refrigerator!  Imagine it, please!!!  We drive home with it and the ONLY room in the house that it will fit is in my beautiful country kitchen (10′ ceiling).

Now, I can’t complain!!  He is so proud and he’s helped you work so hard to prepare this country home that looked horrible when we moved in it!!  The rooms (every room) in the house is painted  the green of watergate salad.  The floors are not level, the ceiling plaster is cracked and falling down, it hasn’t had a truly real cleaning for years because we inherited the farm from hubby’s aunt and uncle that spent most of their time outdoors.  His aunt kept the house presentable but cared not about frilly “stuff” that I cherish and hated being cooped up in the house.  Anyway, the elk (that I called Moose for the last five years) is mounted onto the wall as you enter the kitchen.  Everything changes!!  You duck your head to go around it, mop under it, and every other thing that requires going near that wall.  Hubby is so proud and can’t wait for all his friends to come visit and he can show off his prize hunt!

Prayers are answered!!!  I know GOD loves me!!  I went home on Friday afternoon from work and walked into my kitchen and Moose is gone!!!  I really didn’t care where or why but finally he tells me it shouldn’t be in the kitchen and no one came to see it anyway.  I’m pretty sure he can see the excitement in my eyes but I try to hold back my enthusiasm!

Saturday morning finds up early and can’t wait to clean and get my beautiful country kitchen back to normal.  I spend all day and even refinish a handmade dish cupboard to spread out some of my dishes.  It took all day but Rita is a very happy country girl!!  Now all I need to do is make some new kitchen rugs and potholders and get back to loving my country home!!

Elk in my kitchen!!

2 thoughts on “New Kitchen

  1. Margaret Tongue

    I will miss Moose on my next visit—–NOT! I feel sure he didn’t like being cooped uo in a small room!!!!!!!!


  2. Peggy Myers Cook

    I know where you are coming from,I had a bird on my fireplace and when I said that the heat from the fireplace would not be good on the mount it left it just didn’t match the decor.I luv your blog Rita I stayed with my Grandmother Myers just down the road from you and she lived off the land and as a child I not only learned alot but I respected the way my Grandparents lived they were great people.Keep writing I enjoy it so much it is though I am reading a book of my childhood in years past.Great Job.



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