Spring on the Farm

March and April is always a wonderful time to live on a farm.  This year has been very special on ours.  Last week our baby calves started arriving.  Of course, I’m always as anxious as those expectant mothers but this year we’ve had some trials and tribulations.  We started out with one cow aborting two MONTHS early and then a first time mother having a stillborn.  I was devastated but know it’s part of living on a farm and Mother Nature having her reasons.  Then we have two little bulls born and they’re perfect in every way and very, very active.  We go for about four days with nothing happening and then a mother for the fourth or fifth time delivers twin girls and both are dead.  My husband believes the first one was in trouble and the time lapse of her being born delays and causes the death of the other twin.  Mom wasn’t doing well the first two days but now seems to be eating and may be okay.  On the same day another set of twins is born!!  This is not a normal thing for our cattle.  We’ve only had about five sets of twins in the forty years we’ve been farming.  These two are alive and well for a time and Mom is letting both nurse.  She cleans them up and won’t let my hubby get near them but that’s okay because we know she’ll be a good mom.  Later that evening “after dark”  she leads the little girl to the lower fields with the rest of the herd and returns to bring the baby brother to the fold of the herd.  By the time she gets back to their birthing place in the woods, he’s GONE!   The next morning when hubby finds her distressed with only one babe he begins a desperate search that turns up fruitless.  We believe that a coyote or bear got while she was gone.  Lots of farmers in our area have had this problem with coyotes for the past few years but this was only our second time that we know of.  It’s very disheartening as farmers because that cash down the tubes.  For me personally, I’m just sick about it and want to bring them all to the front yard to live until they’re five days old and can run like the wind!!  The mother is terribly protective of her one little girl and she’s become very brazen and curious running off to meet other babes her size and of course mom is run to death trying to keep up with her special little girl.  I find this so true of human parents.  We want to keep our youngsters from all harms way that may come in any shape or form.  One big difference is that we get to keep ours around a lot longer and don’t consider them “cash crop”.  We’ve have nine in all as of last night and they are all well.  Watching them run and play is better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!

Until next time, have a very blessed day!  Visit a farm!  It’s good for your soul!

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