What a beautifu…

What a beautiful weekend and it’s almost gone!!!  I worked inside all day on Saturday and this morning Eddie helped me put up three new bluebird houses.  One true sign of spring for me is watching the bluebirds clean house and rebuild.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to see crocuses pop out of the ground and shine and watching baby calves chasing each other all over the field.  Our spring calving season has just began and we have four new babies on the ground and lost one.  The babies are such little scamps and love worrying their mothers to death just like human babies by running off with the other kids.  We have three cows going to the woods, as I write and will probably give birth by sundown.  The sun is shining so bright and the sky is as blue as I’ve ever seen it.  The air is still brisk but bearable with a hoodie on.  This all makes me want to head to the greenhouse and play in the dirt but I know I can’t jump the gun just yet.  It was 27* this morning and little seeds won’t germinate as well until it warms up some more and the frost are behind us.  I can still hope and dream about all the baby plants popping out of the ground. So now I end this post so that I can complete some ironing and a baby quilt before the end of the day.

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