Future Plans

I plan to start up a small green house on the back porch of a building on the farm in two weeks.  I’ll be planting all of my favorite flowers and vegies.  Some will be heirloom seeds but I’m so anxious to get started.  I’m having problems getting my old violets to live and getting new starts to take off.  Any advise would be helpful???  Now that the maple syrup season is finished, I can concentrate on gardening and the yard.  Our apple orchards need trimming and it’s just about time to do some grafting.  I’ve not had to much luck with my grafts the last couple years and hope this year is much better.

I’ve recently been scanning all the photos in albums because they’re fading and sticking to the vinyl pages.  Memories just flood back when I go through them.  I’ve also been compiling a journal of my life from notes I kept in datebooks and on calendars.  It’s funny how the memory goes away and comes back when you do this.  I’m hoping my granddaughter will enjoy them when she’s older.  I’ve included the “good, bad and ugly”!

Our spring calving season began this week and so far we have  three little bull calves running around and lost one.  He was a premie!  We have 35 more to go.

Spring is oozing in and we’re all ready for it though I’m sure we’ll have a few more snow blasts.

2 thoughts on “Future Plans

  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

    I’m so glad you checked it out. I haven’t published the fact that I have the blog yet. I want to get more familiar with it and be able to add pictures of my quilts and crafting or fun things I see or even recipes.It is fun though.



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